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Morgia Wealth Management's Founder Tony Morgia sitting next to Michael Morgia, Managing Director and Partner

Why Morgia
Is Different

A careful, disciplined approach to wealth management takes you beyond your financial goals to achieving your life’s ambitions.

Like many financial managers, we can build a portfolio that grows in value. It’s our perspective that sets us apart.
Morgia takes a holistic view.
We start where you want to end, with your life’s goals.
We’d like to understand your unique situation and plans, like saving for college, large financial decisions, and managing debt.


More than a steady guide to achieving your financial goals

We help all of our clients reach their financial goals.

But the most valuable assets we manage is the trust of those clients. Our long-term approach appeals to clients in any stage of life, providing unwavering service in one of their life’s most important areas. Without exception, our mission is to deliver quality investment advice and act in the best interest of clients.

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A brilliant


As long-term thinkers, we value relationships. If we start working with you at the beginning of your career, we can help set short- and long-term goals, prioritize investments — including “investing” in paying off debt — and help you balance spending with saving and growing your money. As a generational company, we still advise many of our original clients along with their children and grandchildren.

Young business owner reviewing his business’s financial plan

The prime of your career

Are you spending too much? Or, are you saving too much? What does that really mean? Those are hard questions to answer, especially at the peak of your career. We’ll be your guide to navigating those, and myriad other issues, that come up during the prime of your life. We give straight-forward advice for making life decisions and large purchases like automobiles and homes. We’re a wealth management company, but we’re proud to be in the long-term relationship business, too.

Older man planning for retirement

A comfortable finish

What do you do once you’ve achieved your goals? We help our clients answer that question every day. Once you’ve successfully navigated your career and built your life, you can focus on establishing your legacy in the way that still allows you to live the life you want. After a lifetime’s hard work, we can help you plan out your golden years.

MORGIA 101 —

Wealth of Knowledge

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