We Eat Our
Own Cooking.

Our core values of disciplined and careful are more than just words. They have guided us and the individuals, families, banks, unions, foundations, and retirement plans we serve.

We are a fiduciary financial advisor, making us distinct from others. We always act in our clientsʼ best interests. It’s completely optional to be a fiduciary advisor. It means avoiding any conflicts of interest and providing complete information surrounding any financial decisions we advise.

This is the path weʼve chosen because we believe it represents the most responsible and safe course for you and your interests. Weʼd never advise you to do something with your money that we wouldnʼt do with our own.

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Our Principles



Our client relationships span decades and generations.

Working closely over a long period requires compatibility from the beginning. We pride ourselves on putting your interests first, and we work hard to communicate complex issues clearly. We’re long-term optimists, but day-to-day realists. You’ll receive deep analysis for each of our recommendations instead of sugar-coated opinions. The clientele we attract tends to value that depth of analysis and insight.

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Alignment of Interests

To use a descriptive phrase, "We eat our own cooking."

We will not advise you to do something with your investments that we would not do with our own. Our interests are aligned with yours, and we share successes and failures together. Our personal portfolios are invested using the same strategies available to our clients.

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Investors save time, effort, and money when they know their financial objectives and move toward them in the straightest possible path.

Without a plan you will arrive somewhere—but where? Perhaps you are saving too little; perhaps you are saving too much. You canʼt know without running the numbers. Every financial decision has repercussions. It is imperative to make those decisions with the facts laid out, unemotionally, and in the context of your long-term goals.

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Risk is a part of financial planning that cannot be mitigated.

Consider “riskless” cash. At the normal US inflation rate, a dollar bill drops in worth (what it can purchase) by roughly 50% every 20 years! Of risk’s many varieties, we believe that investors need to perpetually contend with three major types: inflated asset prices, over-indebtedness, and emotionally driven price movements (or a combination of all three).

Our approach relies on layering risk control strategies and tactics developed over 50 years. We work to control the areas of risk that can be, so that the risks that can’t be controlled have a muted impact on your plans.

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