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July 2020

A New Normal

Before you read this, check out December 2019. It will help ground you in our feelings about the end of the decade, just a few short weeks before the world changed with the onset of COVID-19. This newsletter explores the themes raised in December 2019 more deeply and raises interesting questions about the impact of a trillion dollars of stimulus on long-run asset values.

December 2019

Looks Like We Made It

The first end of a decade without a recession within that decade and consistently rising markets. What happens when those gains are driven by low interest rates, increased worldwide public and private debt, and lower US Corporate tax rates? What asset classes do we look at and why?

July 2019

A Mulligan

What’s your risk profile? Can you stomach a 20% drop in three months? That’s just what happened in Q4 2018. Your strategy must include a plan to manage through times of extreme market duress – ours do. Learn about some of our defensive strategies and the importance of being comfortable with your asset allocation.

December 2018


The Crash of 2018 was blistering, especially to some of the large-cap technology stocks. In this newsletter, Mike looks at the crash in context and explains Morgia Wealth Management’s foundation philosophy of “disciplined and careful” investing.

July 2018

The Stock Market

The short-term January and February 2018 10% correction caused us to look at some short-term statistics as they relate to important long-term trends. In this newsletter, key sectors ranging from technology to oil to cryptocurrency to precious metals are discussed in both the near term and how they each relate to long-term trends.

January 2018

The Stock Market

Investing in a rising market, especially when P/E ratios are near historical highs is very difficult. During these times it is important to have a plan and to be decisive about where you think you want your financial life to go. Planning for your needs and the potential impact on future generations is critical. The newsletter closes with a Q&A featuring partner, PJ Banazek.

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